Top 10 Items Listed on Home Inspection Reports

Hello Fellow Arizona Homeowner,

If you own a home, it means at some time or another you have let the thought go through your mind of selling. Selling your home is a HUGE decision which generally comes with a home inspection. Whether you are considering selling or happily enjoying your forever home,  it is worth it to educate yourself on items which commonly come up on inspection reports. Fixing these things now means, one less item to add to your home to-do list. During our time as a real estate professionals we have seen countless inspection reports, and let us tell you… some items never cease to come up.  We have put together a list of the top 10 items below.

  1. Hose bibb without an anti-siphon device attached
    • Current construction methods require an anti-siphon device be attached to hose bibbs.
    • The anti-siphon device reduces the likelihood for contamination of the house drinking water from water in the hose.
  2. Windows – trim, tracks, and locks
    • Check all window trim. The Arizona sun can do a number on its sealing abilities. Ensure seal is intact and in good condition
    • Open and close all windows, clean tracks and ensure they close smoothly and completely.
    • Ensure locks on windows are fully operable and hardware is completely intact.
  3. AC Filters and Grills
    • Prior to listing your home ensure you have age, installation, and maintenance information for your AC unit.
    • Ensure that AC unit is clear of all debris/vegetation, and clean grills of the unit.
    • Ensure your AC filter is freshly replaced prior to inspections. This should be replaced monthly.
  4. Light Bulbs
    • Replace ANY and ALL burnt-out lightbulbs (bathroom lighting, closets, ceiling fans, refrigerators, etc.)
  5. Kitchen Sink High-Loop Drain
    • Ensure high-loop is secured at the correct height below your kitchen sink
  6.  TPR Valve or Temperature / Pressure-Relief Valves on Water Heaters
    • TPR valves act as automatic safety control items that prevent damage to the water heater due to excessive pressure and/or temperature.
    • Ensure your water heater has this valve installed and it is functioning correctly.
  7. Hot and Cold Water Reversed on Faucets
    • Ensure your faucets have hot and cold water assigned to correct corresponding handles on your faucets.
  8. No Pan Beneath Hot Water Heater
    • Next time you get a new water heater installed, ensure a pan is installed beneath it. This is now required by code.
  9. Anti-Tip Bracket on Kitchen Stove
    • Ensure this is installed behind your stove, it is required by code.
  10. Leaks beneath sinks and drains
    • Run water in all interior sinks, inspect drains below for leaks.
    • Ensure there is no water leaking from handles and spouts in bathroom, kitchen, laundry room.

Happy Fixing!

AnaMarie Rigo with The Rigo Team, Arizona Realtors – WEST USA REALTY

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